Does Certo Sure Jell Really Work to Pass a Drug Test? Complete Detox Guide 2024

Certo for Drug Tests: An Overview

Certo Sure Jell is a fruit pectin product commonly used for making jams and jellies that has gained attention for its potential use in attempting to pass drug tests. The rationale is that Certo could help create a temporary gel-like barrier in the digestive system to trap drug metabolites and reduce their detection in urine. This method is sometimes employed when trying to pass urine tests after recent drug use.


Understanding Certo Sure Jell

Certo Sure Jell is a product commonly used for making jams and jellies. It contains fruit pectin, citric acid, and dextrose. Fruit pectin, a natural substance in fruit peels and cores, helps create a spreadable consistency when combined with sugar and acid. Some try using Certo to pass drug tests.

Certo gels trap and remove toxins, including THC metabolites. They work by temporarily blocking the digestive system to catch substances and eliminate them. Certo sells at stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Walgreens. However, its effectiveness for drug tests proves uncertain. Legality depends on location and situation.

Certo Review: Does It Work for Urine Tests?

Reviews of Certo Sure Jell for passing urine tests remain mixed, with effectiveness influenced by individual metabolism, history, drug type, and other factors. Some reviews report success when following instructions precisely, staying well hydrated, abstaining from drugs for a few days prior, and with proper timing. But experiences vary greatly. One reviewer shares doubts on whether it reliably works for all, instead suggesting it presents roughly 50/50 odds, dependent on the person and situation.

Positive Review

“I was skeptical but desperate when I decided to try the Certo drug test method 2 days before my test. I followed the steps exactly as described with the Certo, Gatorade, vitamins, and water. When I took an at-home drug test the next morning, it came back negative! I passed my official test that day with flying colors. For me, Certo was a lifesaver last minute. Just be sure to follow all the directions precisely.”

Inconclusive Review

“I’ve heard both raving reviews and complaints about using Certo to pass urine drug tests. I tried it myself before an upcoming test. My at-home tests showed faint lines – not definitive passes but not solid fails either. When the actual test came back, they said it was an inconclusive result. Now I have to go for a retest. For me the jury’s still out on whether Certo works.”

Negative Review

“I had high hopes for the Certo detox when my brother swore it’s how he beats drug tests. Unfortunately, even after applying the method twice as directed, I still failed my test. My urine came back as dilute on first testing and they made me retest. Certo made it seem like a sure thing but clearly didn’t work for me. Don’t believe all the hype around this unproven method.”

Certo Sure Jell Matters

Beyond kitchen use, Certo garners attention for allegedly helping people pass drug tests by temporarily trapping metabolites. This aims to prevent detection in urine. Attempts often follow concern over upcoming positive tests due to recent drug use.

Understanding Reasons for Drug Testing

The rationale behind urine drug testing includes:

Employer Testing

  • Pre-employment screening for new hires
  • Random testing to discourage on-the-job use
  • Post-incident testing to assess impairment factors
  • Reasonable suspicion of current employee drug use
  • Return to duty confirmation after rehab

Safety & Compliance Testing

  • Transportation workers to reduce impairment risks
  • Healthcare professionals to ensure patient safety
  • Construction crews using heavy machinery
  • Law enforcement confirming fitness for duty
  • Professional athletes for fair play and integrity
  • Maritime employees given inherent hazards
  • Oil rig staff due to high-risk environment

Companies Requiring Drug Tests

Major companies mandating urine drug tests encompass:

  • Walmart – safety-sensitive positions
  • Amazon – warehouse, delivery drivers
  • FedEx – drivers, package handlers
  • UPS – drivers, warehouse workers
  • The Home Depot – customer-facing, operations
  • Other transportation, healthcare, and energy companies

Testing aims to uphold workplace and public safety by deterring on-the-job intoxication risks. Still, products like Certo attempt to circumvent these checks – underscoring legal and ethical dilemmas.

Certo Sure Jell Detox Method: Step-by-Step Guide

The effectiveness of using Certo Sure Jell to pass drug tests is uncertain, but here is an overview of the typical process:

Gather Supplies

  • 2 pouches Certo Sure Jell
  • 32 oz sports drink like Gatorade
  • Optional: Creatine powder & other detox aids
  • Sufficient time (usually ~3 hours pre-test)

Prepare Mixture

  • Mix entire Certo pouch contents into sports drink
  • Stir thoroughly until fully dissolved

Optional Creatine

Add ~1 tsp creatine to potentially maintain normal creatinine levels


Drink mixture quickly within a few minutes

Ongoing Hydration

Drink 16 oz water every 15 mins for about an hour


Go to the bathroom several times pre-test


Take test ~2-3 hours post-mixture when Certo barrier peaks


Provide urine sample

Considerations for Using Certo Method

Certo Drug Test Hack

The Certo drug test hack carries no guarantee of success. Results vary substantially based on:

  • Metabolism and body composition
  • Frequency and type of drugs used
  • Proper timing to coordinate method’s peak

Dosage proves vital – too much or too little Certo can impact outcomes.

There are also legal and ethical issues manipulating test results to weigh. Health risks like overhydration may also arise. Relying solely on Certo provides a false sense of security.

Enhancing Certo with Gatorade

Adding Gatorade complements Certo for attempted drug test passage by:

  • Optimizing hydration crucial for detox/health
  • Restoring depleted electrolytes
  • Maintaining natural-looking urine
  • Improving taste for easier quick consumption

Tips for properly using Gatorade with Certo include:

  • Choosing standard Gatorade
  • Mixing thoroughly into consistent liquid
  • Staying balanced with additional water

Availability & Pricing

Certo and Sure Jell are produced by the Kraft Heinz Company. They follow various food safety and quality certification standards, though specifics may differ based on location. Costs for Certo and Sure Jell can vary substantially depending on the store and geographic area. It’s best to check current pricing with your local retailer or shop multiple stores for the best deal. Information on potential free shipping or money-back guarantees can also vary. These are typically offered directly through the product website or retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Certo

There are several common questions regarding the use of Certo as a detox hack to try passing drug tests:

Is Certo Considered a Natural Product?

While derived from natural fruit pectin, Certo undergoes some modification during manufacturing including slight pH changes and adding a small preservative. So it does not fully qualify as a “natural” product under all guidelines.

Is Certo Suitable for Vegans?

Yes, Certo is vegan-friendly since it uses plant-based pectin and no animal products during production or packaging.

Where Can I Buy Certo?

Certo is sold at most major supermarkets, wholesale clubs, and local shops. If struggling to find, it can also be conveniently purchased online.

Does Certo Work for All Drug Test Types?

No, its effectiveness varies substantially between individuals depending on metabolism, toxin exposure levels, and the specific type of drug screening used. So it may work for some tests but not others.

Any Certo Drug Test Side Effects?

Yes, potential side effects include digestive discomfort or diarrhea since it affects bowel movements. Overhydration or overuse also poses health risks.

Conclusion on Using Certo

In summary, while some try using Certo to pass drug tests, it’s essential to approach such detox hacks cautiously. Individual results can vary widely, and effectiveness remains scientifically unproven. There are also legal and ethical concerns about manipulating test outcomes. Maintaining responsible, health-focused actions stays vital. So understand the limitations, and risks and set realistic expectations if attempting such methods. Outcomes differ greatly between people based on many influencing factors.

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