How to Pass a Drug Test with Certo Sure-Jell?

When You Need to Pass Drug Test

Urine drug tests have become increasingly common for employment, probation, child custody – making those who enjoy weed vulnerable to failing important tests. You may feel anxious about an upcoming drug test after using marijuana. Rest assured, you have options like the Certo detox method to pass with flying colors.

Certo Sure Jell

The substance most frequently tested for in urine drug analyses is THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. THC metabolites can be detected for 1-30+ days after last use depending on the test.

Weed Detection Timelines by Test Type

Test Type Detection Time
Standard immunoassay screen 1-7 days
Extended immunoassay 1-21 days
GC/MS confirmation 1-90+ days

With THC lingering so long in systems, it’s no wonder why many panic after receiving short notice of an impending test. Nearly 4% of employers’ drug screens return positive results, frequently for weed. But don’t stress – you can beat these tests with the right preparation using certo.

Certo Drug Test Hack: How Certo Detox May Beat Urine Tests

So what makes people think fruit pectin like Certo Sure Jell could help them pass piss tests? Let’s break down what Certo is and the leading theories behind the growing drug test hack trend.

What is Certo Sure Jell Exactly?

Certo Sure Jell is a liquid fruit pectin product commonly used to make jams and jellies. It acts as a gelling agent to give preserves their consistency.

The main active ingredient in certo is fruit pectin – a soluble fiber compound extracted from citrus fruits or apple pomace. When combined with sugar and acid, pectin binds together to form a stabilizing network that jells.

In addition to jelling activity, some believe pectin may also have detox abilities when it enters the digestive tract. In theory, it can temporarily bind to metabolites in intestines to prevent absorption into the blood – and thus urine.

Certo Sure Jell pectin comes as a concentrated liquid requiring dilution. It has no flavoring added. The most commonly available retail certo products contain roughly 70% pectin by weight when undiluted.

Leading Theories Behind the Certo Drug Test Hack

Online cannabis forums first popularized instructions to down concentrated certo pectin dissolved in sports drinks as a DIY home detox several years back.

The general logic behind using oral pectin before urine testing suggests a couple mechanisms:

  1. Pectin temporarily absorbs weed metabolites in intestines, allowing less to enter urine.
  2. Adding viscous certo liquid to drinks generates additional urine dilution for a short period by increasing fluids.

Anecdotal evidence exists from heavy marijuana users passing unexpected tests after following certo detox regimes. However, no formal clinical studies have thoroughly validated pectin’s ability to conceal drug use from urinalyses.

A few preliminary studies had participants ingest oral pectin for a week after cannabis use. Oddly, pectin did not speed up metabolite clearance – instead slightly prolonging detection times. Though interesting, these investigations differed significantly from the focused rapid detoxes described online.

Does the Certo Drug Test Detox Actually Work?

Certo for Drug Test: Does It Actually Work?

So what exactly is Certo? Certo Sure Jell is a liquid fruit pectin product commonly used to make jams and jellies. It has recently gained attention online among cannabis users for its supposed ability to “hack” urine drug test results when combined with Gatorade.

The certo drug test method centers around the concept that adding this fruit pectin temporarily helps block metabolites from entering urine, potentially allowing you to pass THC tests.

Anecdotes circulate about certo defeating both home kits and lab analyses successfully. However, its effectiveness remains scientifically unproven. A few small studies have indicated oral pectin may slightly extend weed detection times rather than shorten them.

Short-Term Detox

While interesting, these investigations differed enormously from short-term rapid detoxes in several ways:

  • Pectin was taken daily rather than a single mega-dose
  • Urine samples began several days after last pectin ingestion rather than hours
  • Other detox helpers like fluids weren’t incorporated

Ultimately, the jury is still out whether certo can serve as an effective same-day detox regimen. But approached cautiously alongside other preparations, trying certo is unlikely to hurt your chances either. At most, stay over-hydrated briefly.

Step-By-Step Guide to Attempt the Certo Drug Test Detox

Okay, so while falling short of guaranteed, a certo detox attempt could offer a mental boost. Here is precisely how people report implementing this drug test hack:

Supplies Checklist

❑ Two 2 oz packets certo sure jell

❑ 32 oz sports drink like Gatorade

❑ Additional water

❑ Clean urine sample containers

Mixing the Certo Detox Cocktail

  1. Pour Gatorade into a large cup
  2. Cut open certo packets and squeeze gel contents into drink
  3. Stir vigorously for 2-3 minutes until totally dissolved

Drinking Timeline Before Urine Testing

❑ Drink entire certo-Gatorade mixture

❑ Over next hour, consume another liter of water

❑ Urinate frequently, not providing any samples yet

❑ About 1.5 hours after drinking mixture, start collecting urine

Certo Detox Hack: Tips to Pass Weed Tests Alongside Pectin

Attempting the certo detox alone may not suffice for passing piss tests in all cases. Maximizing its effectiveness requires supporting your pectin drink with additional preparations:

Prior Abstinence

Ideally, cease all weed use for as long as possible pre-test – 1-3+ weeks is best if able. This lets your body naturally clear more THC metabolites first, taking pressure off certo.

Diluting Urine Correctly

Loading fluids alongside certo aims to dilute urine temporarily. But don’t overdo water consumption – extremely transparent pee can raise suspicions too. Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement post-certo drink to maintain color.

Vitamin B12 Specifically

If pee ever appears suspiciously clear pre-test despite minerals, quickly take an extra vitamin B12 tablet. This harmless supplement at high doses tints urine yellow, covering extreme dilution.

Follow All Testing Protocols

When providing your official analyzed sample, adhere fully to all collection procedures. An invalid or rejected sample usually means you get another opportunity without penalty.

Gatorade and Certo: Where Can I Obtain Them?

Both certo and sports drinks are conveniently accessible at most mainstream grocery chains or mass retailers like Walmart, typically cheaply. Finding Jell-O or Ball’s Certo is ideal. Any flavor sports drink works, though lemon-lime Gatorade is popular.

Choosing the Proper Certo Products

Select liquid unsweetened pectin like “Certo Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin” for detoxing purposes over slower-dissolving powder types. Suitable so long as pectin is the first or only ingredient. Avoid pre-sweetened certo jams/preserves with added sugary fruit syrups.

Concluding Thoughts on the Certo Drug Test Detox

In closing, understand that sucessfully passing a drug test using certo cannot be assured given limited scientific proof. However, used sensibly in combination with other preparations, trying certo is unlikely to hinder your odds either. Approach cautiously, follow our guidance fully, and hope for the best without unrealistic expectations. With the right planning, peeing clean might just happen!

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